Treatment providers


Safer Bristol Partnership Drug Strategy Team commissions and co-ordinates drug treatment across Bristol.

It is essential that the right type and style of drug treatment is accessed. If you know which type of treatment you need, view the Bristol Drug Treatment Directory. The Bristol Drug Treatment directory also contains information about housing, legal advice, useful helplines and health care.

If you are unsure of what help you, or someone else, needs and would prefer to speak to someone call Bristol Drugs Project (BDP)  on  (0117) 987 6000. Alternatively, we have listed the types of treatment available below.

For Young People, or parents, who wish to seek advice on drug (or suspected) misuse, call FRANK on 0800 77 66 00.

If you would like any more information, contact us.

Community Detoxification

This service is for people who expect to be able complete the withdrawal phase of an opiate detoxification in 6-8 weeks. The service helps individuals to plan their detoxification with appropriate medical and social support.

How to access this service: Call  BDP 0117 9876000 or via a referral to BSDAS 0117 3784500


Counselling for drug users is offered either in the form of brief interventions which are 1-3 sessions, or in a more formal counselling setting of 6 sessions with a review and possible continuation.

Phone or drop-in to access the service

BDP    0117 9876000
CAAAD    0117 9042297
Nilaari    0117 9525742 

Structured Day Programmes

Structured Day Programmes provide structured support in a community setting. Clients will address issues around their drug use, identifying triggers, finding ways of avoiding or managing relapse. Other areas that might be covered include managing feelings, learning about and experiencing new ways of spending leisure time. The programme uses a groupwork approach, and clients also have a named keyworker with one-to-one time.

How to access this service:

BDP   0117 9876000
ARA   0117 9300282
Nilaari   0117 9525742

Family Support (for parents who are drug users)

BDP provides a  Family Support service which is available to any drug user, or former drug-user who has children. The service aims to provide a package of support looking not only at an individual’s drug-use, but also issues such as housing, parenting and relationships.

How to access this service: Call BDP   0117 9876000 or drop-in

Support for Families or Carers

KWADS offers services to family members or friends of people who have drug problems. It aims to provide advice, information and structured support to people who are concerned about another person’s drug use. The service is available to anyone who lives in Bristol.

How to access this service: Call KWADS   0117 9533870

Maternity Drug Service

The maternity drug team provides integrated antenatal care and drugs interventions to pregnant drug-users. Clinics take place weekly at Southmead & St Michael’s hospital.

How to access this service: Self-referral, referral from Communtiy Midwife, GP, any drug treatment agency or call BDP 0117 9876000

Relapse Prevention Services

Relapse Avoidance Programme

The Relapse Avoidance Programme (RAP) is run at BDP for people who have recently stopped using drugs and are finding it difficult to stay off them. The work done in RAP looks at understanding past problematic drug use and how to stay off drugs. There are opportunities to explore personal issues in a series of confidential sessions with a RAP worker and to look at practical skills in a group.

How to access the service: Telephone BDP 0117 9876000 or via the BDP drop-in.

Boost@ BDP

This is a service for people who are committed to abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It aims to guide people into the world of training, work, leisure and non-using peer groups as the tools for preventing relapse. The service is for people who are abstinent from drugs and are not on substitute medication (methadone,subutex) or who are willing to sample abstinence for a trial period.

How to access the service: Telephone BDP 0117 9876000 or via the BDP drop-in.

Independence in Recovery

ARA offers a free aftercare and support service for clients who have completed aftercare or who have been in treatment in the past and require support in maintaining their abstinence. The support includes access to a weekly therapeutic group, one-to-one counselling, specialist housing and benefits advice, learning and work guidance.

How to access the service: Telephone ARA 0117 9300282

Inpatient Services

The Bridge Programme

  • Preparation – this is for clients to prepare for detoxification.
    Detoxification – this is a medically supervised detoxification, the detoxification unit is a registered nursing provision.
    Rehabilitation – following detoxification there is a residential rehabilitation programme.

How to access the service: Telephone Kris Griffin or Justine Lewis 0117 9552821

Inpatient Detoxification & Stabilisation

There is a dedicated four bed inpatient unit in Bristol for clients to undertake detoxification or stabilisation programmes. The service is run by Bristol Specialist Drug & Alcohol Service and offers:

  • Stabilisation on substitute medication
    Detoxification/assisted withdrawal from illegal & substitute drugs

How to access this service: By referral to BSDAS   0117 3784500

Residential Rehabilitation

In Bristol Residential Rehabilitation is accessed through the client taking part in a Community Care Assessment through BSDAS. Residential rehabilitation is for clients who have detoxed from their drug of choice, it  provides people the opportunity to address issues around their drug use in a residential setting.

How to access this service: By referral to BSDAS  0117 3784500